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If we use cryptocurrencies in daily cash management we need to have an online wallet, which can store cryptos, probably we need exchanging companies and crypto-exchanges and if we would like to use cryptos during daily shoppings, the best way to do it is to use crypto-based debit cards. On this page we have collected online service providers and companies, who have been tested and used by us with satisfaction.

The best wallets

We can store, receive and send cryptocurrencies in, to and from an online wallet. Among these wallets there are very simple ones without any verification procedures, which can be created with an email address or a smartphone application and there are some more serious ones, which need KYC. Using high level security settings are very essential in these online wallets, which are the best tools if we would like to send and receive cryptocurrencies in our daily lives. If we do not want to transact so much or only want to hold cryptos for a long time (HODL), we can use hardware wallets, which can store money offline. Feel free to contact us and inquire from our experts!

We are very satisfied with the Swiss-based XAPO wallet, which is not only a wallet, but you can easily convert your cryptos into fiat money and vice versa within the application. You can open a XAPO wallet here. The wallet of WIREX is also great, the provider is a British company and they also have a debit card available for the wallet. You can open a WIREX wallet here. We also recommend the wallet of SPECTROCOIN, in which the exchanging function is also popular. You can open a SPECTROCOIN wallet here.

In order to choose the best wallet feel free to contact us and inquire from our experts!


The best cards

If we would like to use bitcoins during our daily purchases, we can do it directly where the shop accepts bitcoins. In this case it’s easy to send the price of the service or product to the merchant’s wallet with our smartphone. Almost every product or service is available if we own a bitcoin-based debit card. These cards usually have the well-known Mastercard or Visa logo, the only difference is that instead of a normal bank account there is a crypto-wallet behind the card. Using these cards we can purchase products or services everywhere, where the major bank cards are accepted and we can even withdraw fiat currency from the major ATMs.

The bitcoin-based debit card issued by WIREX is outstanding. This is a British company, their VISA card is connected directly to the crypto wallet. You can request a WIREX card here. Another British company is REVOLUT, they’ve won lots of awards in the past for developing innovative services. Their Mastercard is good for handling fiat currency, but inside it you can exchange fiat to crypto and vice versa. You can request a REVOLUT card here. We are also very satisfied with the Mastercard issued by E-PAYMENTS. If you load bitcoins to the card, they exchange it immediately to US dollars or Euros and thereafter you can make a purchase or withdraw it from an ATM. You can request an E-PAYMENTS card here.

In order to choose the best card feel free to contact us and inquire from our experts!

The best crypto-exchanges

Nowadays there are more than a thousand types of cryptocurrencies and very frequently new ones are released. People can trade with them on platforms provided by crypto-exchanges. These sites are operated by huge international companies, and like traditional stock exchanges it is possible on these platforms to see the actual prices, to trade or even to apply stop-loss orders.

One of the biggest crypto-exchanges is BINANCE, which was founded in China, but for this time they operate offices in several other countries. We are very satisfied with using their platform. You can open a BINANCE account here. Coinbase, the San Francisco based crypto-exchange, which operates worldwide is also among the biggest ones. You can open a COINBASE account here. We kindly recommend also these two big and well-recognised exchanges: Crypto.com and FTXpro. You can open an account on Crypto.com here. And here is the link to open an FTXpro account.

In order to choose the best crypto-exchange feel free to contact us and inquire from our experts!

The best online financial solutions

There are several online financial service provider companies, who are not considered as banks, because they do not deal with loans or investments, but only with fiat currency transfers, purchases and cards. Huge advantage of these companies in comparison with traditional banks is the cost-effectiveness, because they handle only incoming and outgoing transfers, currency exchanges and card payment transactions.

A very trustworthy company is the Lithuanian PAYSERA, they have their own VISA card and they give personal IBAN account numbers to the clients. You can open a PAYSERA account here. We are very satisfied with E-PAYMENTS, they also give personal IBAN numbers and have their own Mastercards and they also handle bitcoins quite well. You can open an E-PAYMENTS account here. ADVCASH is a Russian company, they also have a versatile platform, which we are satisfied with. You can open an ADVCASH account here.

In order to choose the best online financial solution feel free to contact us and inquire from our experts!

The best exchanging companies

We have got to know several online exchanging companies, who exchange our money between different financial service provider companies or from one cryptocurrency to another one. It can be from a different account or wallet to another account or wallet and also fiat to crypto or vice versa.

We are satisfied with the services provided by CHANGELLY. They consider themselves as the cheapest and fastest crypto to crypto exchanging company. You can register here for using the services of CHANGELLY.

In order to choose the best exchanging company feel free to contact us and inquire from our experts!

The information provided above or on our webpage and in our newsletters, the comments, opinions and analyses presented by the author(s) are for informational purposes only and should not be considered individual investment advice or recommendations to invest in any security or currency or to adopt any investment strategy. These data come from our own investments, which we are satisfied very much, therefore we are willingly share our results and experience with you.

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