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China – Crypto-empire, January 2018.

The Chinese empire is known from many sides, temples of the time of the emperorship, communist buildings from the Mao-era or skyscrapers of the recent capitalist age.

Besides of all of these today it is the empire of the crypto-world as well, since here can be found the biggest hardware producers and the most mining server park is also in China. Moreover plenty of crypto stock markets are working in the country, because a really big number of people are interested in the world of digital money.

The cool weather of the mountainsides of the Himalayas is not only favorable to the beautiful landscape and vegetation, but it has proper conditions for the running of server parks. Besides it the sunshine and the rivers hiding among the mountains ensure a really cost-effective power supply and the cooling of the server parks. Moreover since for those who purchase mining machines in great amount, the shipping of them (costs, customs duty, taxes etc.) is also very important, so it is obvious that the machines of big Chinese units would be operated according to the most optimal costs. That is why many mining companies do not take their machines away, but look for an optimal place for them within China.

We arrived after an almost one day long travel through Beijing to the city of Chengdu, which is situated in Sichuan province, south of the capital, at the foot of the Himalayas. It is a typical Chinese metropolis, many cars, plenty of people, smog and high buildings. The city is known mostly of its cuisine. From there we could get to the server park after a five-hour long car drive. It meant motorway at first, then a normal express road, after it village roads and finally we reached our destination on a dirt road. The landscape is beautiful, we travelled across big tea plantations and bamboo forests. The server park itself is situated in an area, where one could not think computers can be found there, since goats graze and lumbermen work in the neighborhood.

The building was protected by a high fence. Behind it processors were running in three huge halls. Inside the halls there are giant, twelve-story shelf structures, on which server machines worth together euro millions were working continuously. Under the ceiling of the hall enormous fans ensured the ventilation. Next to them, on the sides of the hangars water-cooled panels helped the cooling, which got their supply from the river lies in the valley. There was a big noise in the server park because of the humming of machines and the working of the ventilation system. It is no good to be there for a long time because of it and of the significant electro smog due to the machines.

Our visit to China was a really great experience for us. When we can see such a park from the inside with our own eyes, hear the performance of the machines with our own ears, and live through personally the walk amongst instruments worth some hundred millions of forints, it is a definitely memorable event. We had such a great belief in the world of cryptocurrencies until then, as one of the definitive directions of the future, and this visit, just like the former one, only strengthened it. We recommend everyone to visit some time in one of these “money factories” if it is possible.

If you would like to know more about this mining company or just interested in bitcoin as an investment, contact us, please. Our experts are waiting for your call.



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