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Iceland – land of cascades and volcanoes, November 2017.

Iceland is a small, cool northern island between Greenland and Scandinavia. It is pretty famous about its beautiful natural conditions. Here can be found the Blue Lagoon, which is one of the most famous place of nature and sight in the world.
The whole island is of volcanic origin and it is full of still active volcanoes, geysers, cascades and wonderful national parks. The cool and somber weather of the island is favorable not only to the northern vegetation, but it ensures proper conditions to the running of server parks.

Surprisingly the prices of Iceland are like the high prices of Sweden or Norway, everything costs many times higher than in Central Europe, except the energy supply, mostly the industrial current, which counts really cheap. The reasons of it can be found in the local water plants and the usage of geothermic energy.

In case we would like to run a bitcoin mining server park, exactly these two point of views are the most important: cool or rather cold weather, since we have to devote less energy to the cooling of the servers like this and cheap energy supply.

In the gloomy weather of November we spent some days in Iceland and besides the beautiful natural treasures and sights we visited one of the great server parks of the world, where processors are working twenty-four hours a day, and continuously producing the most popular cryptocurrency of the day. The park was placed in a former NATO military structure, which resembles to a big industrial hall and it has strong security regulations.
A huge fence protects the building, at its gate there is a barrier, a video camera and an access control system. Furthermore, security guards protect the hall from unauthorized entry, which is quite understandable, for the value of the computers there could be measured in several hundred million forints. After we could pass all the security control we had the chance of taking photos of both the hall and of the Antminer typed mining machines. Inside there were enormous shelf systems in big blocks. The size of a block is like of a bigger container’s, where server machines connected to each other and to the power sources lined in 12 shelves high. The bigger blocks were next to each other and a black board shown their number on their tops. We looked around for a long time next to No. 19. Ventilation was secured by giant tubes and fans on the ceiling of the hall, which could easily blow the caps off our heads. The sides of the hall were covered by a material supported with a thick dust filter. There was a big noise in the server park, because of the humming of the machines and the ventilation system. It is no good to be there for a long time because of it and of the significant electro smog due to the machines.

We have got a great experience thanks to our visit in Iceland. When we can see such a park from the inside with our own eyes, hear the performance of the machines with our own ears, and live through personally the walk amongst instruments worth some hundred millions of forints, it is a definitely memorable event. We had such a great belief in the world of cryptocurrencies until then, as one of the definitive directions of the future, and this visit just strengthened it. We recommend everyone to visit some time in one of these “money factories” if it is possible.

If you would like to know more about this mining company or just interested in bitcoin as an investment, contact us, please. Our experts are waiting for your call.



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