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London – elite conference of the cryptoworld, september 2018

WBF - this time this abbreviation stands not for one of the biggest boxing federations of the world, but for the conference of World Blockchain Forum. But what is true that you can meet here the “heavyweight world champions” of the crypto universe. Exclusive venue, world famous speakers, actual issues and an unforgettable conference.“

Creme de la creme” of the crypto world got together in London at thebank of river Thames in the hall of Old Billingsgate for two days, where we could here actual issues of crypto discussed by competent experts.

We could meet huge investors, blockchain experts, ICO-owners and representatives of crypto news portals or even government institutions.

One of the speakers was Nick Spanos, who is the founder of New York based Bitcoin Centre, which was founded in 2013 near the building of the stock exchange (NYSE). He told us that Bitcoin was buried more than a hundred times by different news portals, but instead of burying it he sees it’s bright and dominant future. Roger Ver was also a speaker, who is just called Bitcoin Jesus in the industry, because he is not only one of the first “Bitcoin-Lamborghini” owners, but the founder and angel investor of first generation crypto start-ups and exchanges (,, Sean Walsh - who is the owner of one of the biggest crypto-mining companies of the US - made an unforgettable presentation about the past, the present and the future of Bitcoin. Due to Mr. Walsh the question is not the worldwide spread of Bitcoin, but only the methods and the speed of it.

An interesting highlight of the conference was the introduction of the country of Bermuda through their national institution of development. It was not only unforgettable because of the national dress of their minister, but because of the most modern banking legislation and crypto-regulation, which they have set up. They even have an ICO law act and they are considered as one of the centres of fintech industry and crypto world.

We could see introductions of ICO projects, which of the best three was rewarded with $50k by the jury. It was interesting to see the wide-spread usage of blockchain technology, tokenisation and smart contracts from the field of sea-biology to the fields of renewal energy. Besides listening to presentations there were panel discussions, where an actual issue was discussed by 3-4 experts from different fields.

The conference gave us a good opportunity to meet with the “creme de la creme” of the crypto world, to listen to outstanding presentations, to get to know interesting new projects and interesting people from all over the world. We have spent unforgettable two days in a motivating atmosphere at an exclusive venue!

If you would like to know more about the conference or just interested in bitcoin as an investment, contact us, please. Our experts are waiting for your call.



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