How can you possess Bitcoin?

Buying or mining?

A couple of years ago the question was that is there a future of digital currency or not, and can we ever pay with them? Today it is not an issue anymore, bitcoin has proved, that digital currencies have an enormous developmental potency. Nowadays we can use bitcoin in hundreds of thousands of places, moreover, Japan recognized it as an official currency. From its issue, exchange rate of bitcoin, although with troughs of various sizes, have risen continuously. At its appearance in 2009 1 bitcoin was worth only $0.01, but in January 2017 it reached the $1.000 exchange rate and in January 2018 it was over $10.000. Financial analysts can expect further increase. The main reason of it is that the users of cryptocurrency will rise to even 100 million from the current 10 million. It will be a similar process as the internet-boom was. So it is not surprising, that the question today is buying or mining?

If we choose buying, we can do it from bitcoin exchangers or straightaway from the markets (private individuals, bitcoin crypto-exchange market). We can pay for it by cash, bank transfer or other digital currencies. Technically we do not need anything else for it, except a carefully chosen e-wallet, which works as a bank account, and we can get bitcoin immediately. Our gains or losses will be determined by the moving of the bitcoin exchange rate.

How does bitcoin mining works?


Naturally we can have a much bigger profit in bitcoin mining, if we know the options. In the early times miners solved the mathematical problems necessary for mining by the processors of their computers. Then they found out, that graphic cards used for computer games could be applied much better for that kind of mathematical tasks. However overheating and energy consumption of video cards caused problems, and soon their counting capacity proved little for the increased needs. As a next step product had been made decidedly for mining, which included reprogrammed chips. These chips were fast, but still consumed plenty of energy.

Then bitcoin mining reached a new level. For eliminating the problems miners developed the so-called mining associations, where they work together for solving the tasks. Members of mining associations can solve tasks together faster, than independently working miners, and members get an amount of bitcoins equivalent to their work. Today, mining is running in giant server parks like the one I the picture above, where “subscription” begins at the amount of $100.000 or even one million!

With a few exchanges...

Some of these big mining companies decided with an excellent business sense, that they open the gates for small investor hoping for a faster improvement. Their business calculations were proven by life, they transfer the exploited bitcoins for the investors. We got in touch with these companies, got to know their working and made a comparative analysis of their operation so that our customer could get bitcoins in a price much favorable than market prices.

If you would like to know more about this mining company or just interested in bitcoin as an investment, contact us, please. Our experts are waiting for your call.



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